Wikipedia NFT sells for $ 750,000

TL; DR Breakdown

  • Wikipedia NFT sells for $ 750,000
  • The platform sold another NFT for $ 150,000
  • NFT sales show interest in the NFT market

The irreplaceable token sector of the crypto industry has now gained great popularity. In the last few months, the sector has sold millions of rare works of art, putting it at the top of the crypto sector. In another mass sale in the sector, Wikipedia NFT sold for $ 750,000.

Wikipedia sold another NFT for $ 150,000

According to several reports, Wikipedia NFT sales took place at Christie, one of the largest markets in the sector. This is a turning point for the company, as it just celebrated its 20th anniversary a few months ago. According to reports, the company sold two types NFT products that were considered very personal to Wikipedia boss Jimmy Wales.

The first NFT was the editing of Wikipedia, which went on sale for $ 750,000. After the sale, the company also sold a computer that Jimmy Wales used to create the company, which sold for $ 150,000. One feature that made Wikipedia NFT very rare was the message embedded in it, which was the first post on the platform.

Wikipedia NFT sales show interest in the market

Wikipedia NFT also has the look of a platform when it was launched in 2001. The owner of NFT can now access some settings for editing NFT. In case of interruption, the second setting will allow the owners to return it to the default page. According to a high-ranking official of Christie’s marketplace, the sale of Wikipedia NFT supports the interest that retailers across the market have in the collection industry.

In a statement from Wikipedia, part of the proceeds from the sale will go to the development of one of Jimmy’s projects, WT social. The market entered the NFT art sales sector earlier this year, debuting with renowned artist Beeple. Beeple sold his work for $ 69 million back in March, making him one of the most successful artists in the NFT sector.

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