Vodafone will put its first ‘Merry Christmas’ SMS as NFT at the auction

TL; DR Breakdown

  • Vodafone will put the first text of ‘Merry Christmas’ as NFT at the auction
  • The telecommunications company will send the revenue to the UN refugee agency
  • More and more industries are entering the NFT market

It seems that the era of non-replaceable token auctions will continue as companies and art lovers continue to share products. The sector has amassed huge amounts of value over the last few months. As another boost for the industry, British telecoms giant Vodafone has announced it will put its first Christmas message up for auction as NFT.

Vodafone will send the proceeds to the UN refugee agency

The message in question, ‘Merry Christmas’, should be sold at auction on December 21st. According to the company, the message was sent in 1992 by an outsider, Richard Jarvis, one of the few employees in the company during that period. According to Vodafone, the SMS will go live auction at the auction house Aguttes, located inside France.

The auction site was confirmed by Ziarul Financiar, a news outlet in Romania. According to Vodafone, the proceeds from the NFT auction will go directly to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Vodafone says it sees the struggle of displaced residents, and would be happy to help them alleviate some of the pain with their income.

More and more industries are entering the NFT market

NFT’s ‘Merry Christmas’ auction for charity will allow entrants to bid for a rare piece using another digital medium, Ethereum. Another benefit that will be open to the eventual winner is the protocol that was established when the message was first published.

Another reason why a work of art is rare is Vodafone’s leadership in allowing people to send and receive text messages. Forging this NFT would help a potential owner keep one of the rarest works of art in the world. The NFT sector has continued to grow exponentially over the years, and the sector is now entering other industries across the economy.

One example is Adidas announcing the launch of its NFT piece, which brings ownership of rare works of art to the sports scene. In line with its announcement, Adidas noted that interested NFT auction participants will purchase the artwork on its website when the time comes.

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