The British Museum and LaCollection are joining forces to sell 20 NFT images of JMW

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• The NFT trading platform will release a collection of romantic art in February.
• LaCollection shows how 20 NFT pieces inspired by JMW art will be distributed.

After LaCollection was given priority in the NFT trade with a piece called “Katsushika Hokusai”, it is not surprising that the crypto platform debuted again. A partnership between a certified crypto company in Europe and a British gallery was recently announced to present a collection that promises to be historic.

According to reports, the NFT collection will be inspired by contemporary art, where 20 works by artist Joseph Mallord William will be published. This work will expand the category of “art” in the irreplaceable market, allowing its enthusiasts to remember a point of focus to make fixed auctions a priority in the world.

Partnership between British Gallery and LaCollection

LaCollection, as one of the most popular NFT trading platforms in Europe, has just expanded its digital works with a presentation that promises to be unique. The first collection released on the platform allowed them to debut in more than 100 countries, which helped them compete with other digital auction companies. The company has over 100 works of art, 10 series and about 700 published auctions.

The announcements suggest that LaCollection has partnered with the British Gallery to publish JMW works. The museum in Europe can display the romantic art of Joseph William, who, for many fans, is the most rated artist.

Some details about the NFT collection say that 20 unique pieces will be published in 3 categories. The first 9 NFTs will be very rare pieces in two versions, of which the British Gallery will keep 1. The next 7 NFTs will be rare pieces divided into ten versions, one of which will be taken care of by the British Gallery.

Finally, LaCollection will showcase four parts of the open version where 99 copies will be released 48 hours after the auction starts. The “very rare” and “open version” collections will only be available to people who buy NFT Hokusai in advance.

The art of romanticism inspires auction

LaCollection has indicated that sales will begin Feb. 8, 2022, and close Feb. 9. It will be intimate auction where only people who own NFT Hokusai will participate. If the enthusiast has not invested in an irreplaceable token, he is free to buy it until January 31, 2022. The open sale of the romantic NFT collection will begin on February 9 and end on March 4, 2022.

The NFT trading platform could easily sell all its digital artworks as many European citizens admire the work of JMW artists. This presentation comes in a bear market where major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have lost over 12 percent of their value after experiencing maximum ATH in November 2021. The NFT platform displays details on paying tokens for publishing on your site.

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