Square Enix starts the year by focusing on blockchain games

In his New Year’s letter, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda discovered The company plans to focus on including blockchain-based games in its portfolio.

In addition to being behind the blockchain games, the main publisher has indicated that it wants to participate in new trends – including Metaverse and NFT.

Decentralized playing

Although Square Enix has not yet announced any games involving blockchain technology or NFT, the letter revealed the publisher’s plans to explore the idea in 2022.

“By designing sustainable token economies into our games, we will enable self-sustaining game growth. It is precisely this kind of ecosystem that is at the heart of what I call “decentralized gaming” and I hope this will become a major trend in gaming in the future, ”Matsuda wrote in the letter.

If we are talking about a one-way relationship in which players and game providers are linked to ready-made games such as “centralized gaming” to counter decentralized gaming, then including decentralized gaming in our portfolio alongside centralized gaming will be a major strategic theme for us 2022, ”he added.

While noting that the necessary technological infrastructure already exists, Matsuda also noted that there has been an “increase in social literacy and acceptance of cryptocurrencies” over the past years.

“We will closely monitor social changes in this area, listening to the many user groups that inhabit it, and step up our efforts to develop our business accordingly, with a view to potentially issuing our own tokens in the future,” he announced.

Metaverse and NFT

Although Matsuda acknowledged that those who play entertainment games have “expressed their reservations” about NFT, he believes “there will be a number of people motivated to play to contribute,” adding that “traditional gaming has not offered explicit incentives to the latter.” a group of people. ”

According to him, 2021 was the “First Year” for both NFT and Metaverse.

“Metaverse is likely to experience a significant transition to the business phase in 2022, with a wide range of services to appear on the scene. As this abstract concept begins to take concrete form in the form of products and services, I hope that it will bring changes that will have a significant impact on our business, “he added.

Matsuda’s letter was not well received by the gaming community, at least judging by the response on social media.

I really hope NFT doesn’t go to FF14 from ffxiv

Despite its huge popularity, blockchain-based games testified In 2021, the gaming community has proven to be a tough nut to crack when it comes to embracing new trends – even Edward Snowden criticizing NFTs have recently “gotten into the games”.

Ubisoft’s entry into the NFT gaming market is not resonate very good, either – after the video game publisher discovered Quartz, a new platform for players to make money, collect and trade NFTs in the form of so-called ‘Digits’.

Meanwhile, facing a bunch of negative reactions, Discord pulled back on their Web3 plans and gave up on integrating Ethereum and NFT into the platform.


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