Samsung will add the NFT feature to its smart TVs

TL; DR Breakdown

  • Samsung will add NFT 2022 to its smart TVs
  • Users can store and view their NFTs on TVs
  • The NFT sector continues to face enormous pressure

The growth of the irreplaceable token sector has been widely debated among market participants. Although the industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past year, new investments and entities are adopting NFTs. In a further victory for the growing sector, Samsung has announced that it will integrate a new feature on its smart TVs that will see users aggregate and use NFT.

Samsung will allow users to store and view NFTs

Passing by Notice by Samsung, the new integration would include many updates that would be built into TVs. According to the announcement, the platform will allow users to view and track their NFT collections using the new feature. The statement further states that the first smart TV to enjoy this privilege is the MicroLed smart TV.

After that, the company would make it available on Neo QLED among other smart TVs of the newer series. In addition to storing and watching NFT, Samsung TV users will be allowed to purchase NFT using the platform integrated into the TVs. The most amazing feature of the NFT platform is the aggregator feature announced by the company. Putting this into perspective, users would gather information from several NFT markets around the world while buying NFT.

NFT continues to grow

In addition, users can check a few NFT details in their aggregation cards. Details such as artists, networks and other information would be available online. This put Samsung first and became the first TV company to integrate the use of NFT into its special range of TVs.

The NFT sector continued to witness a large increase during the year, with new figures emerging from the industry. In addition to figures, a large number of influential people began to adopt NFTs. A recent update showed that at least one popular person in the entertainment, sports and other popular activities has entered the NFT market. One famous figure is Eminem, an American rapper who recently bought NFT in the sector.

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