Rockefeller Christmas Tree NFT is not a hit among crypto investors

TL; DR fault

• The Christmas Tree NFT only received an offer of $ 500.
• Tishman Speyer Real Estate has issued an irreplaceable token by January 1, 2022.

Before it ends in 2021, a new entrant comes to the NFT store with a project featuring the enigmatic Rockefeller Christmas tree. However, this digital image comes with Marvel auctions and the irreplaceable token of Melania Trump, overshadowing her presentation.

While the holiday season is love, peace and decoration, many things don’t fit the last month of the year in the world of virtual auctions. The company behind the little Christmas detail, Tishman Speyer, is waiting for a miracle so his irreplaceable token can be purchased.

NFT Christmas decorations are not always sold

NFT trading with less than four years in progress and in 2021 in full swing showed that all virtual pieces are easy to sell, it was believed until Tishman Speyer NFT appeared. The real estate company researched the irreplaceable trade just to gain fame and a few dollars by selling his work. However, not everything went as the real estate company expected because the non-replaceable had no interaction.

According to the details, NFT is a Christmas tree in GIF with an advertisement that says “79 feet”. While it’s a virtual picture from this season, it means nothing to enthusiasts, and no one has bid. The digital image was released on December 13 and will be available to the public until January 1, 2022.

Many non-replaceable store lovers sarcastically dismiss the piece as a “virtual item” because it has garnered only 120 views and four likes. In the last few hours, NFT has received an offer of 0.13 satoshi ethers, approximately $ 500.

Rockefeller’s NFT is boring

The enigmatic Rockefeller tree, over 20 meters high, decorated with about 50,000 lights, seems contradictory and neglected as an irreplaceable sign. Although real Christmas tree is a major attraction for children and adults in the United States, it could not gain fame as a virtual piece.

The virtual auction began with great ambition, and in less than a week it was overshadowed by low interaction. But the final result on the future of Rockefeller’s irreplaceable token cannot yet be given because it is still two weeks until its closure.

NFT probably didn’t take its place because of two unique works: Melania Trump and her “Melanie’s Vision” and Marvel guru Stan Lee NFT. As Christmas Eve approaches, the digital Rockefeller tree could grow in brightness and sell for 1 ETH or even more.

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