Niftify launches NFT collection of 10,000 pieces inspired by rap

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• Niftify launches its new NFT collection with Ice-T support.
• NFT trading platform opens payments at irreplaceable auctions for debit, credit and cryptocurrencies.

Niftify has just talked about its next digital project. The announcement indicates that the platform will launch an NFT collection with 10,000 unique hip-hop and rap images. But NFT would also be inspired by film actors, making it open to all tastes.

The NFT trade dominates in different categories, and this is once again shown through the new irreplaceable collection. This is not the first time rap-inspired NFTs have emerged as rapper Snoop Dogg has launched his collection in recent months sticking to the urban genre.

The new NFT rap collection arrives at the initiative of Niftify

As the NFT market grows, which is not surprising, a beet-based auction will soon start. The new irreplaceable rap collection comes from the Niftify initiative, which plans to launch the first series with some legends of the genre and Ice-T as the host. The latter is an amateur rapper who has dominated rap for more than half a century.

In October, the Niftify website announced the launch of its beta interface used for digital commerce with foreign users. The platform has launched its first NFT collection inspired by actor and singer Ice-T, which again gives its image, name and reputation.

This initiative also allows for the discovery of a partnership between Polygon and the NFT trading platform. In addition, it shows where the irreplaceable collection is located, so buyers are encouraged to participate in the auction.

The polygon supports the NFT collection

Polygon will enable the NFT collection that Niftify will launch in the coming days. There are many reasons why Polygon is the best Blockchain for irreplaceable collection, starting with being a scalable, secure network and offering low transaction fees.

Some speculators point out that the NFT trading platform will be amazing and become a meeting place rap lovers and virtual collectors. Niftify promises to provide the option to buy with debit, credit and cryptocurrencies as it has been treated since the technology arrived.

Bruno Ver, head of the crypto trading platform, explains that his team intends to open Blockchain, especially the NFT trade. Ver believes that the purchase of NFTs should be based on cryptocurrencies and should also be extended to traditional payment methods. But the NFT platform’s chief agent believes the partnership with Polygon will allow him to meet each of the proposed goals in virtual commerce.

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