NFT was more popular than crypto in 2021 according to Google Trends

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  • In 2021, NFT was more popular in Google search than cryptocurrencies.
  • Irreplaceable tokens have generated more than $ 10 billion this year.
  • The integration of games and metaverses will add more value to this space in 2022.

According to Google Trends 2021, users were looking for more ‘NFT’ than ‘crypto’ or any specific cryptocurrency. Although it would be impossible to separate NFT from the wider crypto world, these data actually show that irreplaceable tokens were more popular among users than general cryptocurrencies.

The popularity of NFT has jumped in 2021. NFTs have been in circulation for almost 5 years, but in 2021 they really became popular. For example, NFT sales generated $ 340 million in 2020. This year, it is already more than $ 10 billion. The monthly sales volume of NFTs this year is higher than the total sales volume in 2020.

NFT Real Life Exhibition in Beijing (Source)

This growing popularity is the result of growing interest in digital assets. NFT integrates into almost any digital space. Virtual games integrate digital assets for more attractive reward systems and competition. Facebook recently announced that its metaverses will support NFT. Instagram is also developing plans to launch a dedicated NFT space for content creators.

People are now buying irreplaceable digital art instead of physical images. Many NFT projects support community and noble reasons. It is therefore not surprising that irreplaceable tokens have surpassed crypto popularity this year.

NFT trends to look out for in 2022

In 2022, we will see NFT move in a whole new direction. As the development of the metaverse will begin in full force in 2022, irreplaceable tokens will be used in many different sectors. We are already seeing digital real estate assets, which will continue to grow in 2022.

With the increase in tokenization in games, the use of NFT will grow with more advanced and complex games that use fixed assets as part of their reward and competition system. AAA gaming studio Ubisoft has released its own NFT platform ‘Quartz‘this month. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint became Ubisoft’s first game to offer non-replaceable tokens. This is an indication that we will continue to see this concept in future Ubisoft games, perhaps in Assasins Creed or Far Cry.

In 2022, we will also see more artists using irreplaceable platforms. Several applications are under development that will allow artists to perform as NFT personalities and also hold virtual concerts. We can expect to see more celebrities and artists coming to this space in 2022.

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