NFT market: US congressmen launch digital pieces to raise money

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• Politicians running for the House of Representatives launch NFT contributions.
• Regulators in the country do not have a firm vision of trading irreplaceable tokens.

The fever for the NFT market reaches the United States Congress, where politicians who want to represent the chamber are officially trying to raise funds to fund their initiative. According to reports, new elections for the United States House of Representatives will be held on November 8, 2022. This implies that politicians must create a solid campaign that shows why they deserve a seat in Congress.

Bloomberg, a financial advisory firm, points out that Democratic politician Shrina Kurani and Blake Masters, a Republican politician, have experienced irreplaceable trade.

American politicians profit from the NFT trade

According to reports from the financial platform, Shrina Kurani, a politician seeking to belong to the United States House of Representatives, has been researching the NFT market to raise funds for her campaign. The Qur’an published an irreplaceable work that earned $ 6,600, enough money for his political initiative.

But the Blake Masters, who strive to meet the same goal as his colleague Koran, made a lot of money by selling the novel “Zero to One” written by PayPal wallet co-founder Peter Thiel. However, the Masters winnings have not been made public, but they are high.

NFT trading has gained priority among senators as well as cryptocurrencies, where several politicians like Cynthia Lummis have accepted Bitcoin as part of collections. Indirectly, congressmen will accept the cryptocurrency market, but the SEC could have a different opinion.

Crypto market within American politics

Opinions about the cryptocurrency market and NFT within U.S. politics are mixed where many congressmen support it and others reject it. However, the anti-crypto scheme could disappear with these two massive sales of irreplaceable tokens between politicians Koran and Masters.

All the money that is politicians raised can be easily used in their publicity initiatives to help strengthen their image for the next congressional election. Regulators have not given opinions on the cases, which shows that they agree with the politicians’ collection.

From another perspective, the NFT trade promises rapid growth by 2022, where more digital collections are expected to be released. OpenSea could be the leading irreplaceable trading platform. However, other companies could emerge to compete for the position.

Meanwhile, the crypto market is recovering from a bearish series in which Bitcoin has risen 2.64 percent over the past 24 hours, trading at $ 43,588. Ether, which is directly tied to irreplaceable trading, reaches a price of $ 3,363 after experiencing a 5.11 percent rise in the last day. Some cryptocurrency fans are speculating that both cryptocurrencies could reach new numbers on their ATH in the coming months.

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