Mintverse aims to dominate 2022 with a new training platform update

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• The NFT platform seeks to stand out from the competition.
• Mintverse could reward its most frequent customers after updating the interface.

Since the beginning of 2022, a lot has been read about metaverses, NFT trading and cryptocurrencies. Among this news is that Mintverse, one of the leading NFT retailers, is preparing to launch a renewed platform.

According to reports, NFT relies on community opinions to improve its business. On the other hand, the platform is believed to be considering rebuilding as there is more competition in NFT platforms.

The Mintverse platform is planned to be rebuilt

Mintverse, as one of the most popular NFT traders, wants to renew its platform to offer customers a better irreplaceable trading experience. The ads show that the refurbishment will allow users ’wallets to be linked to that profile in order to have a better shopping experience. On the other hand, some irreplaceable collections will be included that will undoubtedly attract more customers.

The Mintverse reports an estimate of about 75,000,000 assets with the BSC and about 35,000,000 with the Ethereum network. Even the company intends to provide complete metadata associated with Blockchain networks to overcome its closest competitor, OpenSea.

Mintverse is also supported by large companies such as Mirana Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, A&T. These partnerships have enabled them to have a platform with low commission rates, balanced service and better reception for publishing new digital works.

The creator of the NFT platform discusses server upgrades

Mintverse creator René Cao believes the updated signature will do wonders with BSC to offer a more dynamic data system. Cao adds that future collections based on the NFT ecosystem with BSC will not have a single market but will be released on a single platform. In this way, the company ensures that it will have its BSC ONF version, and OpenSea has it.

However, the trading company NFT was working on more Ethereum tokens compared to the OpenSea platform. This shows that Mintverse would be ahead of its competitor, but a small difference. For this reason, Cao considers the renewal of the NFT platform to be key to further intensifying the gap with digital competitors.

2022 is likely to be a year of struggle between irreplaceable token markets; both digital companies have potential, but they don’t need to be trusted if they want to be dominant. Fans of NFT trading should be looking to renovate Mintverse, which will also be a very affordable reward system. A new NFT auction could also come to light in the next few days.

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