Links DAO NFT prices are rising as NBA star Stephen Curry buys membership

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  • Stephen Curry bought 2 NFTs from the LinksDAO project.
  • The average prices of the NFT collection almost doubled after its purchase.
  • LinksDAO is building a golf and leisure club through its NFT funds.

NBA star Stephen Curry recently bought 2 NFTs from the LinksDAO virtual golf club project. Shortly after its purchase, the average lower price of VezeDAO NFT jumped from 0.697 ETH to over 1.06 ETH.

There is no lack of unique and creative projects in the NFT space, and LinksDAO is one of them. It is a new decentralized organization that sells NFTs to create a modern golf and leisure club. According to the developers, the project will create a bridge between the web3 community and the golf community to create “the world’s largest golf club and leisure club”.

Any NFT that sells LinksDAO will act as a membership for the physical club. NFT owners will have several benefits when building a physical club, including access and discounts on various golf events and packages. Each member will also earn free entry to the LinksDAO fantasy golf league. There are also exclusive events for members and golf trips.

90-day average lower price of the LinksDAO NFT collection

Stephen Curry is a famous figure in the NFT space

The No. 30 Golden State Warriors is a fairly common face in the crypto and NFT world. Recently, the NBA star became a brand ambassador FTX exchange. Curry also made one of the most popular NFT purchases last year, when he bought a boring monkey NFT for $ 180,000.

According to LinksDAO, Curry bought both the ‘Leisure Membership’ and the ‘Global Membership’ from the NFT collection for 0.29 ETH and 1.12 ETH respectively. Shortly after its purchase, the price of the NFT collection nearly doubled.

You may be wondering why buying NBA stars dramatically affects NFT prices. This is mainly because such big name purchases help legitimize the NFT project. The irreplaceable token space is filled with scams and dragging rugs. That’s why users often have to research a lot and be careful before investing. Also, most project developers are anonymous which does not help build trust.

However, when celebrities like Stephen Curry invest in a project, it builds trust among investors, as such investments are often backed by much financial advice from experts and industry leaders.

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