Justin Sun for Jeff Bezos Blue Origin’s space flight, will choose five people to join him

Justin Sun., founder of the cryptocurrency platform Throne, has revealed his plans for a space flight next year and is currently choosing five people to join him on the mission.

The crypto-entrepreneur has revealed that he has chosen Jeff Bezos Blue Origin for his space voyage – revealing himself as a mysterious auction winner who offered $ 28 million last summer to secure his place on the first flight.

Joining an elite group of space travelers

“I won the auction 6 months ago, but I missed the launch. However, that did not stop my love for space, ”Sun said on Twitter, adding that he will finally fulfill his childhood dream of space travel.

The Sun recently announced walking left the post of Chief Executive Officer of the Throne and took over the Grenada government as its ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Sun he stated he will take the flag of the Caribbean nation with him on the journey.

The Sun Dream Team

The founder of Tron also announced that he would share this adventure with five hand-picked individuals, and to choose a lucky lineup, Sun launched the “Sea of ​​Stars” campaign.

“I want to share my joy with everyone in the TRON DAO community and the entire crypto world,” said Sun, according to whom “the space belongs to everyone.”

The first crew member will be selected from the ranks of eminent persons in the crypto, while the second place is reserved for a member of the TRON DAO community.

Third and fourth place will be awarded to an entrepreneur in the field of technology and an artist inspired to create works of art on the theme of space.

Finally, the fifth nominee “will be a very visible and socially influential celebrity”.

“Each nominee will have a special status in their area, and have a strong will to explore space,” Sun explained, noting that they will repeatedly publish the names of their future crew members.


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