BAYC’s NFT’s top trends are back after the purchase of Eminem

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• The rapper paid more than $ 450,000 for BAYC’s NFT.
• Eminem bought part of NFT 9,055 and named it “EminApe”.

Recently, rapper Eminem, one of the globally recognized urban rappers, re-entered the NFT market. The artist with the real name Marshall Mathers bought a virtual piece BAYC with the number 9,055, the value of which exceeds $ 450,000.

Eminem is not only known for creating songs depicting the reality of the street, but he was also a vital piece for the growth of irreplaceable auctions alongside Snoop Dogg and other rappers. In previous months, the artist has bought several NFT pieces to give credibility to the virtual market.

Eminem buys BAYC collection

Eminem has invested just under $ 500,000 in the BAYC NFTs piece, an acronym for the Bored Ape Yacht Club virtual collection. According to reports, the virtual piece is 9,055 and a monkey with features similar to the artist’s face. After the purchase, Eminem named the piece “EminApe,” which now takes the position of his Twitter profile picture.

The artist bought the piece on the OpenSea platform after seeing that Shady Holdings, its former owner, had put it up for sale. Eminem reportedly paid exactly $ 452,000 for the painting.

Eminem not only made its debut with NTFS or cryptocurrencies after buying BAYC pieces, but has shown interest in the market in recent months. The artist even mentioned Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the highest value in the cryptographic trade, in his single “Not Alike”, released for 2018.

The future of irreplaceable trade

Since Eminem is an active carrier of the most important NFTs for the market, it is not surprising that the future of the trade looks promising. The BAYC collection is one of the most iconic for the market. There are 10,000 unique pieces, of which only a minimal amount remains free.

By 2022, the NFT market could open new auctions of entrants. Eminem could also launch its own NFT collections, breaking the customer line and becoming an irreplaceable token creator. Snoop Dogg could join the irreplaceable wave creations if the greatest American rapper makes a big leap into the trade.

As speculation about the non-replaceable token market progresses, we just have to wait for OpenSea to announce new adoptions or auctions. Cryptocurrencies are also expected to increase demand for buying and selling.

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